Grassroots Appalachia

Cultivating Appalachian People, Land & Traditions


Grassroots Appalachia exists to help build a more sustainable Appalachia.

We recognize the root challenges facing the region to be economic disparity, human interior poverty, and ecological imbalances. We acknowledge that many fine people and organizations have been working in Appalachia for decades to address these very issues. We wish to partner with them in a spirit of solidarity and reciprocity, to help address the much-needed work which remains.

Our mission is connecting people with one another to share knowledge to help build sustainable families and communities in Central and Southern Appalachia.


Grassroots Appalachia publishes the Appalachian Chronicle.

Arts, Music & Teaching

We partner with expert farmers, artisans, herbalists and others to provide training in:

  • Traditional music, arts and drama
  • Wild food gathering and nature knowledge
  • Food growing and preservation
  • Food, Water & Shelter Security
  • Herbal Gardening & Cultivating for Personal and Community Health

Community Engagement

We partner with experts to provide hands-on training and workshops for people of all ages on the traditions, skills and culture of Appalachia. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Community Sustainability
  • Writing Workshops
  • Non-profit Board Leadership Training
  • Media Relations Management Training
  • Community Preparedness and Disaster Leadership Training

In addition, a few programs we’ve partnered with others to plan and host:

We are members of the Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Product (ASAP) and the West Virginia Chapter of Herbalists Without Borders.

In the photo at the top of the page, Barbara Volk, a herbalist and Grassroots Appalachia partner (left), conducts a “Weed Walk” in Sweet Springs, W.Va. in 2019 at the Sweet Springs Sustainable Living Forum , identifying plants with medicinal and nutritional value. You can learn from Barbara’s wisdom on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Edible Mountain series. You can learn how to make a garden salad, passion flower infused honey, and boneset, the forgotten fever remedy. She is also a practitioner of the Wise Woman Tradition.

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Our Purpose